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  • Google Places replaced with Google+ Local

    Leon Henshaw |25 Jun, 2012
    You may have noticed a lot of changes with Google recently, not least with the constant algorithm updates that have affected the way that the giant search engine ranks it searches.

    Google+ is becoming a bigger part of Google’s life as it would being a Google product and so Google+ Local has become the new Google places replacing the older system with a fresher and somewhat easier process.

    If you ever wanted to get on Page One of Google easily and quickly then this is the best low-cost way to do so. But if you already had a Google Places listing then what happens now…

    Smooth Transition…
    If you already had your listing in place then there is no need to worry about anything as Google automatically transfers your listing to the new Google+ Local format based on the information you had previously entered for your business.


    But I had reviews, what happens to them?

    A smooth transition here also as all your reviews get carried over from Google Places so you won’t lose any of your great feedback. The way the reviews are listed now makes it easier to glance at quickly and better looking for the listings in general.

    Does this also replace the Google+ Business Pages?

    Not at all, Google+ Business and Google+ Local are two separate entities but remember that you may now need to update two lots of information in order to keep you business up to date. As you know, business pages tend to be more focused on the actual pages themselves especially if you have more than one office in your business.

    But with Google being Google there has already been talk about changes to this product so we’ll keep you informed just as soon as we hear. Google is constantly updating its products and systems and because of their large range of products they are updated at different times of the year.

    So, at the moment this is how it stands but we would expect pretty big changes and updates to the user side of Google+ Business later on this year including big upgrades and a whole range of updated and new features.

    Do I need a Google+ Local Page?

    There are benefits to be had by listing your business in this format, not least for being searchable within Google but also that the local pages can have links attached so for your own website it is a pretty good tool for getting your voice heard.

    If you have already set up a listing with Google Places then you need do nothing at all and if you want to be listed on your local business listings then it really is a no-brainer to get your information on there and out there.


    Google+ Integration

    There is a new tab on the left that has been introduces which makes it easier to review and recommend local businesses and listings.

    Google Social Network

    Google+ is quickly becoming a very popular social network with many benefits, tools and products for your use. By using Google+ Local you will become part of this giant network of people all interacting for personal or business needs.

    Google is one of the largest Internet Companies in the world so if Google is pushing their Social Network that is Google+ then why not jump aboard and get in while the going’s good.

    There is one other thing to note in that Google loves Google and if your site is actively participating in their products then you may stand a better chance of increasing your website’s rankings and authority, so now more than ever, it is a great time to get up to speed with Google.


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