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  • Planning to create a new business website? Helpful advice on the best approach

    Leon Henshaw |17 Jun, 2012

    There are many advantages for creating a business website. A large number of studies reveal that consumer demand is increasingly evolving and it is more important now than ever to be visible online. To reach your target audience you need to have an involvement with media channels that your consumer is using and this may likely be via the Internet, but if you are new to business it may seem like a minefield, so where should you start?

    In this article we’ve complied some tips that will aid anyone considering setting-up a new business website. Now there are various elements, that need to be taken into consideration and there is not a single method to go about this. The key ingredient is to seek professional assistance. Generally speaking, just a simple conversation with an experienced Website Designer or Internet Marketing professional will benefit your understanding greatly. It won’t necessarily cost you anything at this stage so don’t be afraid to contact the right people.

    Where do I go to find the right people to work with? There are organisations that specialise in a particular sectors and there are design agencies that offer a large selection of services, so first of all it is better to ask yourself whether you want to hire several people for all the different aspects, or just one agency for all of it. There are many benefits to keeping all your eggs in one basket in that if you ever have any problems, you know who to speak to whereas you could get passed around if you do not have one direct contact. A quick Google search for website designers in your area will highlight some of the best people to approach for advice. Although, with any professional services it is highly advisable to ask people you know for recommendations, as their own personal experiences may prove to be a very valuable guide for you. The only issue with this particular piece of advice is not to be completely swayed to work with family or friends, particularly if this is a hobby of theirs or they are still learning at college and have offered to do this for you for £50 or something similar (you get what you pay for). Through experience we would say this doesn’t allows produce the best outcome, and can sometimes lead to bad feeling if your expectations are not fully met. Although it may seem tempting to go for a designer that is extremely cheap and still at an early stage in their professional development, our advice to you is to fully research various design agencies to discover a better understanding of how much it may cost, what is on offer, look at their client portfolio, and how they intend to add value to your business.

    Website design
    Initially you will need to consider what it is you want to achieve; do you want to sell your products and services online or simply use the website to drive traffic to your business? This is contingent on the design and type of web site. If you want to sell products over the Internet, an ecommerce design may be the best option. Take into account the development to ensure it is mobile-friendly. But most importantly, make sure your brand and core values are translated online.

    Online marketing
    Having a website with some content on is just not enough. More often than not one of the first requests when prospective clients contact us is that they want to be “number one on page one in Google.” This may seem an easy ask from the outside, but there are many factors to take into consideration, like how much competition is there for the keywords you would like to target? Some are easier than others to rank for without much effort, as long as the website has been produced correctly and on page methods have been fully implemented to best optimise the website you will have a good base to start from. As well as the designer you work with identifying the websites purpose, we always start a client project by fully understanding where you intend to position the website and what keywords will be most effective for your business to target. Your competition may more than likely have made the same request to their web designer so taking the time and effort to look at your competitor’s websites for ideas is very advisable. To boost your rankings in search engines like Google you need an array of online marketing techniques including search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and social media marketing. Your website could have the most amazing graphics, illustrations and information but unless you appear high in Search engines and unless people hear about your brand via networks like Google+, Facebook and Twitter, traffic to your site may be low.

    Domain Names and Website Hosting
    You may need to purchase only two things to get your website up and running. The first being your ‘Domain Name’, this is the address of website, it’s a bit like you’re your own personal phone number as it acts as an address to reach you. This is how the consumer will find you directly online i.e Domain Names are relatively cheap to register and can be purchased usually for two years before you have to re-register again at a cost of no more than £7.50 for ‘’ over the two year period.

    Secondly, you will need a website hosting package. This is where all the files that make up your entire website will live… it’s a space like a folder on a computer, but hosted by online servers. This will allow users to access your website files in there browsers. Some website design companies including L2-DESIGN can offer this service for you. Prices do vary depending on the size and type of website that is required. However for small business start-up websites this again can be relatively inexpensive and will be charged on a rolling monthly or annual contract. As a multi-disciplined design agency we offer free Hosting and a free domain name registration for the first year (two years of Domains – only) on all website new builds. In addition to hosting the website most packages come with the ability to create email accounts or email forwarders. The benefit for this additional feature is that you can create several professional looking email accounts to use for your business i.e. or

    As mentioned previously in this article L2-DESIGN offer you a variety of services for both online and print design media. If you are in need of advise or require additional information that can help you in any way… please feel free to contact us at any time. We don’t do hard sell, our advice if free of charge and most of all we enjoy making new connections with businesses of all shapes and sizes.


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