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      Mobile ApplicationsWith rapid digitization and changing consumer preferences, mobile websites and applications are fast becoming an integral part of every business’s media plan. As the number of Smartphone and tablet users is growing at a rapid pace, make sure that your brand or business has a strong presence on mobile device. And this is not only imperative but absolutely necessary for a successful marketing campaign. After all, why would you lag behind when your competitors are having their share of ever-growing mobile market!!

      L2 Design has vast expertise and professionalism in developing a wide spectrum of mobile websites and custom mobile apps for any device and platform. Harnessing our years of experience in web development and advanced technologies, we are capable of creating mobile web applications that are interactive, user-friendly, and visually stunning. We are focused on developing web applications that features mobile-friendly navigation, quality content, screen layout, and attractive design. We help make the BIG transition to mobile website easy and hassle-free for you.

    • L2 Mobile Website Development Services

      At L2 Design, we are experts in creating mobile-ready websites that work either in conjunction with existing web presence or as a standalone product, designed particularly for targeting mobile audiences. We use the best mobile practices and cutting-edge technologies to build robust, responsive, and scalable mobile website that will function efficiently on virtually any mobile operating systems, screen resolutions and devices.

      World-class mobile websites developed by us include the following powerful features:

      • Mapping and geo-location
      • Mobile-friendly design and navigation
      • Mobile search engine optimization (SEO)
      • Mobile analytics
      • Device-detection and redirection
      • Mobile-centric features such as click-to-call and SMS
      • Social media integration
      • Standards-compliant page templates
      • Brand integration
      • CMS integration and coding

      L2 Mobile Application Development Services

      Today, it’s time to go mobile. Whether it is a business application, a game, or a custom utility, the demand for mobile application is increasing at a rapid pace; because they provide convenience and ease on the go. At L2 Design, we help build strong mobile relationships by deploying engaging, intuitive, and user-friendly mobile applications for different platforms and devices. We focus on developing responsive, intuitive and business-oriented mobile apps for diverse industries. Our integrated mobile solution will help you connect to a larger global audience in a jiffy, while on the move. We offer a wide range of mobile application development services to create a seamless user experience and enhanced interaction and engagement.

      • iOS Mobile Application Development – With vast knowledge and expertise in Apple iOS, we create stunning mobile applications for iPhone and iPad.
      • Android App Development – L2 design has in-depth experience in Android SDK, CSS3 and other advanced mobile technologies, creating smart, intuitive and engaging applications for a wide range of mobile devices that are powered by Android operating system.
      • Blackberry Application Development – We are leaders in developing robust, business-oriented apps and games for Blackberry operating system, with intuitive features, responsiveness, and scalability.
      • Windows Phone App Development – Of late, Windows Phone is posing a strict competition to Android and iOS, and provides a solid framework for developing engaging and intuitive apps. L2 Design specialises in Windows Phone app development, delivering the best value to clients.

      Type of Mobile Applications Developed by Us

      We create a wide range of mobile web applications, catering to unique needs of our clients –

      • Games
      • Multimedia
      • Communications
      • Travel
      • Utilities
      • Business and productivity
      • Entertainment

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