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      Social Media Marketing L2As traditional concepts of brand promotion are increasingly influenced by social media and personalization, integrated social media marketing services has become imperative for modern businesses. With fast-paced digitization and Internet revolution, more and more potential consumers are spending time on Social Media, which emerges as a lucrative marketing platform for businesses globally. However, unlike the common notion, SMM is much more than merely promoting a brand/business on social media and generating quality leads. It is only a small part of a broad strategy!

      The BENEFITS…

      • Brand recognition and repeat exposure
      • Improve trustworthiness of your brand or business
      • Enhance your marketing power and penetration
      • Effective Search Engine Optimization
      • Get ahead of your competitors
      • Increased web traffic and quality leads
      • Create a strong web presence and authority
    • L2 Social Media Marketing Services, UK

      At L2 Design, we take a holistic approach to social media, focusing on organically growing your community presence and providing quality and engaging content that they will love to share. Simultaneously, we will optimize your social media campaigns to get you maximum visibility and an edge over the competitors. With this view, we offer a wide range of Social Media Marketing services, UK, which include the following:

      Sentiment Analysis Benchmarking – Since social media is more about sentiments and personal engagements, we start off to Social Media Marketing with sentiment analysis benchmarking. Here, we conduct analysis of sentiments and mentions online with regard to the brand name and vertical terms. In addition to this, we also gather insights about competitors, latest trends, and advocates and influencers. Based on this, we strive to create an effective strategy that answers

      • Who are we trying to target?
      • How they behave on social media?
      • How should we appear in social spaces?
      • What we want to achieve?
      • Are we ready to long-term engagement?

      Social Monitoring – Based on the valuable data gathered from sentiment analysis report, we focus towards continuous social monitoring, identifying insights from on-site data such as Google Analytics and off-site data such as social mentions, sentiments, and buzz in social spheres. The data is then collated and distributed for expert analysis and recommendations.

      Content Development – To make your social presence most enthralling, unique and engaging, it is important to provide your readers excellent quality, relevant content that they would like to share. Content development stage at L2 Design incorporates-

      • How you are using social content to engage with customers and prospects
      • Content evaluation and comparing it with peers and competitors
      • Creating unique, relevant and engaging content, with videos, graphics and images that attract customer attention

      Community Management – We are leaders in community management, providing extensive support or fully manage your presence across different social media platforms. We will not only create unique and appealing profiles and communities across key social media platforms, but also manage the same effectively to deliver outstanding results. Community management services include –

      • Managing your social media communities, creating content, and responding to customer feedback
      • Serve as the first line of customer service across different social networks
      • Creating a calendar for updating content on your blogs, moderating comments, and write posts

      Social Media Reporting – We create social media reports that provide valuable data for your business strategy and needs. We build reports on a wide range of factors such as:

      • Referral from social sites
      • Mentions
      • Social sales as a percentage of total sales
      • Referral from social sites as a percentage of total visits
      • Competitor comparison and market share
      • Number of Facebook likes and reach
      • Twitter followers and re-tweets
      • New visits generated and type of media

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