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      Web Development YorkshireThe Internet is driving the world today. No wonder, the percentage of online services is also increasing at a rapid pace. From cutting-edge applications facilitating Internet banking to robust websites that run complex global network, it is becoming an integral business component nowadays. This unprecedented burgeoning need and changing consumer preferences has propelled the importance of building attractive, reliable, and secure websites.

      L2 Design is a leading web development Yorkshire, UK, leveraging its vast experience and in-depth knowledge in developing a wide range of websites to cater to growing needs of Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer sector. We harness excellent quality, certified processes for developing reliable, scalable, and secure websites from a wide spectrum of business challenges, ranging from simple to complex to critical. We employ advanced technologies to deliver high-end applications, which include:

      • Corporate websites
      • Ecommerce sites
      • Customer relationship management
      • Social networking sites
      • Bank websites
    • L2 Web Development Services

      L2 Design, with vast technical expertise, solid domain knowledge, and profound experience, delivers end-to-end web solutions. We focus on creating websites that are innovative, reliable, and scalable, providing enhanced user experience and engagement. We offer a wide range of web development services as discussed herewith:

      PHP Web Development– PHP is one of the most widely used scripting languages today, used for developing robust websites and dynamic web pages. Powerful features and flexibility of PHP language make its one of the most preferred choices for website development. At L2 Design, we offer professional PHP web development services, creating excellent quality websites that are user-friendly, attuned with multiple interfaces, highly scalable, easy to use, and compatible to impromptu technologies.

      Web 2.0 Development – L2 Design is a premier website development company in Yorkshire, UK, specializing in Web 2.0 development. We build aesthetically pleasing, user friendly and vibrant websites harnessing Web 2.0 technology to provide new User Interface and easy navigation. Our Web 2.0 based websites are remarkably attractive and versatile, captivating web visitors with special effects and eye-catching flash animations.

      Open Source Development – Open Source development and customization has revolutionized the way modern websites can add a distinct identity to your business and make it run on the Internet cost-effectively. With unprecedented potentials of Open Source, you can seamlessly customize your website with added functionalities and features. L2 Design boasts cutting-edge Open Source development and customization expertise, delivering fantastic benefits such as quick development time, low cost, easy modification, vendor neutral framework, and less security errors.

      Our Web Development Process

      At L2 Design, we take a holistic approach towards website development to ensure superior quality, fast development, and low costs. Our web development process encompasses:

      • Planning – First, we would determine your core business needs and based on that, develop a plan for the web development project. Our planning phase incorporates what technologies to use, navigational flow of the project, cost estimate, etc. At the most, we strive to deliver unmatched results.
      • Website Design and Design Revision – Next, we create a compelling and visually appealing website design, integrating key elements as specified by the client. The design is then send to the client for revision. Based on client reviews on the design, we make necessary changes.
      • Development and Programming – Finally, we develop the website, integrating quality content, graphic elements, and programming codes. We believe in 100% hand coding to avoid errors.
      • Quality Assurance Check – To deliver top-notch quality, we test important elements such as compatibility issues, functionality of scripts and forms, design template, and other details comprehensively.
      • Review – The final website demo is sent for review by the client and experts.
      • Launch – The website is hosted and launched on the web.

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